Knowledge of Stainless Steel Water Tower

Features of stainless steel water tower:

1. The stainless steel material has stable physical and chemical properties, no pollution to water quality, and guarantees clean and hygienic water quality.

2. The water tank has high strength, is lightweight, has a clean appearance, and elegant appearance.

3, the surface is smooth and beautiful, easy to clean.

4. مقاومة فائقة للتآكل وأداء ختم جيد.

5. Great impact resistance and strong seismic performance.

Scope of application of stainless steel water tower:

The stainless steel water tower is suitable for large hotels, restaurants, offices, apartments and food processing, medical and health, electronic industries, and other places with high water quality requirements (the water with high chloride ion content should be used with caution). The product is made of all stainless steel plates, with a beautiful appearance, economical and practical, and the main body is durable.

It has many advantages such as lightweight, high strength, corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, clean water quality, anti-seepage, anti-vibration, never growing moss, easy installation, any maintenance, easy cleaning, and so on.

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