Hot cutting method of stainless steel

Most of the processing procedures of منتجات الفولاذ المقاوم للصدأ are carried out by mechanical processing methods such as shearing, planing, milling, and turning. However, using gas flame or gas-electric thermal cutting to complete some of the processes will improve working conditions and increase production efficiency. It has many advantages. The following introduces several methods of gas flame and gas-electric machining of stainless steel.

Oxygen gas flame gas cutting

Gas cutting is a method that uses the heat energy of the gas flame to preheat the cutting part of the workpiece to a certain temperature and then sprays a high-speed cutting oxygen stream to burn the metal and release heat to achieve thermal cutting. When oxy-fuel flame cutting stainless steel, the main difficulty is the formation of high melting point chromium oxide on the surface of the incision, which prevents the metal from burning and causes the difficulty of continuous cutting. In order to cut stainless steel smoothly, in addition to having pure enough oxygen with a certain pressure and a good cutting wind line, oxygen flux gas cutting and vibration gas cutting can be used.

تلاعب قوس الكربون

It is a method of surface processing grooves that uses graphite rods or carbon rods as electrodes to generate an arc between the workpiece and the workpiece to melt the metal and blow off the molten metal with compressed air.

Water jet arc cutting method

The water jet fusion electrode arc cutting method relies on the cutting wire to contact the workpiece to ignite the arc and then melt the metal, which is then impacted and granulated by high-pressure, high-speed jet water, and then quickly discharged, forming an incision with the movement of the cutting torch. Due to the effect of the high-pressure water jet, the heat-affected zone of the incision is eliminated, which is extremely beneficial for cutting 18-8 stainless steel, and it can reduce or avoid the generation of intergranular corrosion.

Laser cutting method

Laser cutting is a new type of thermal cutting method. It is the rising star of thermal cutting stainless steel. It is a method of thermally cutting stainless steel using the high energy of laser technology. It can be used to cut metals and non-metals. Some people call the laser a “cutting tool”, which is not an exaggeration.

Water jet cutting method

The principle is to use a certain high-pressure purified water or a slurry with cutting abrasives to shoot a liquid column with high-density impact energy through a cutting gun, and directly hit the processed object for cutting. It can be divided into low-pressure and high-pressure water jet cutting methods.

The disadvantage of gas flame and gas electrical machining is that the accuracy of the cut section after some machining is not as good as that of mechanical machining.

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