The lift plate decoration use different coloured stainless sheet

1, all لوحة مرآة الفولاذ المقاوم للصدأ decorated elevator cab. Elevator inside the cab of the walls as far as possible do not use the entire color stainless steel mirror to decorate, although the mirror plate used as a mirror, feeling giving a person is also a vast, bright feeling after we entered the elevator is full of his own image, feels more clutter. Actually cab back wall can be fitted with a stainless steel mirror plate, or other surface cab walls with small mirror plate decoration, ornament more artistic aesthetics.

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2 ، لا يتم تجميع كابينة الفولاذ المقاوم للصدأ لاطلاق النار على الضوء. معدل الانعكاس لمواد الفولاذ المقاوم للصدأ أكبر ، خاصة لوحة المرآة ، في ضوء الضوء الذي أبهر الناس بسهولة أثناء المشاهدة. يمكن استخدام قسم الألوان الدافئة من لوحة رسم الأسلاك الفولاذية المقاومة للصدأ ، والحفر ، وما إلى ذلك ، مع ضوء الأكريليك الناعم الخفيف ، ويبدو دافئًا سيكون كثيرًا ، وأيضًا ليس في شكل مساحة ضيقة من التلوث الضوئي.

3, the elevator hall door choose the color stainless steel mirror effect drab. Everyone is waiting for the elevator while standing in front of a big white mirror, relative and scenes may be embarrassing. Typically the mirror plate etching patterns, increase the elevator hall door of elegant appearance. Or use colored stainless steel wire drawing board elevator decoration.

4, elevator decoration should pay attention to weight. Many elevators inside the ground are like natural marble and look very high-grade. But because the weight of the marble is not white, increasing the load of the elevator, was bound to be less crew.

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In fact, also can substitute color embossed stainless steel plate, not only can reduce weight, and only a few centimeters thickness, the pattern of design and color can be according to the need for production and processing, easy to change, and does not need the thickness of elevator factory specially reserved decoration.

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5, and sightseeing elevator decoration. Sightseeing elevator is mainly installed on the outside, pay attention to is completely exposed to show fashion, so see black greasy in the elevator shaft elevator appearance no appreciation. Sightseeing elevator because exposed, so simple decoration is easy to produce visual fatigue. If using titanium gold decoration stainless steel wire drawing board elevator appearance, modeling is chic, bring different views for building, expanding the sightseeing elevator visual aesthetics.

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